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Stine Nylandsted Jensen, Andreas Ivarsson, Johan Fallby and Anne-Marie Elbe

is very widespread ( Nowy & Breuer, 2017 ), and almost every major European football team has an official gambling partner ( Lopez-Gonzalez & Tulloch, 2015 ). A source of great apprehension connected to gambling, especially for sports bodies, is match-fixing. Match-fixing is considered a sub

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Dino Numerato

This article focuses on the role of the media in the processes of diffusion, maintenance, and undermining of corruption in sports, particularly soccer. Drawing chiefly on various illustrative examples of several recent cases of corruption and the existing academic literature on the topic, the article demonstrates how the media function as both an enemy and a facilitator of corruption in sports. Both micro- and macrosocial analytical dimensions for potential future research on the relationship between the media and corruption are proposed and discussed.

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Eddie T.C. Lam

. Then she concentrates on examining two types of corrupt behaviors, doping and match fixing, at the individual and group levels. Finally, sport corruption in the context of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I intercollegiate athletics is discussed. Overall, the author does a good

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Annemarie Farrell

since a patchwork of laws must be considered (international, national, and state) and often exist in contradiction to other policies. The final three chapters involve an analysis of match fixing, exploration of the WADA and doping policies, and approaches and impact of concussion science in sport. All

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Deborah Jump

, Groombridge discusses everything from celebrity and corruption, to match fixing and sport scandals, yet for purposes of this review, it is mostly sport violence, and desistance from crime that I will be discussing herein. Sport and desistance from crime have a long history. From 19th century concerns with

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Lynley Ingerson and Michael L. Naraine

increasing pressure being put on the organization with regards to match fixing ( Howard, 2017 ), and the controversial decision to maintain the naming of Margaret Court Arena, despite Margaret Court’s public disapproval of same-sex marriage laws ( Puvanenthiran, 2017 ). Patrick’s plans included the creation

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Mathew Dowling, Becca Leopkey and Lee Smith

. Appropriate governance mechanisms can therefore be used as a tool for the curbing, preventing, or overcoming corruption issues within sport. Our scoping review revealed that sport scholars have primarily focused on two issues: doping and match-fixing. In relation to doping, scholars have examined the role of

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Liam J.A. Lenten, Aaron C.T. Smith and Ralph-Christopher Bayer

the returns from the doping period are confiscated upon later detection, a possibility known to athletes prior to making the doping decision. Fifth, the policy could be extended to other forms of misconduct, such as match fixing or corruption, as well as to team coaches and administrators found

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Chen Chen and Daniel S. Mason

valuable in explaining the submissive behaviors of leaders in baseball match-fixing scandals in Taiwan than mainstream concepts used to examine similar cases in Europe. Thomson et al. ( 2010 ), similarly, adopted Ganma, an Indigenous notion from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in

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Jan Haut, Freya Gassmann, Eike Emrich, Tim Meyer and Christian Pierdzioch

important. Finally, as for the positive, also for the negative impressions there are other—less frequent, but telling—examples worth mentioning: the match fixing by several players in the London 2012 Badminton competition, the Egyptian judoka Islam El Shehaby refusing handshakes with his Israeli opponent Or