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Brittney S. Lange-Maia, Jane A. Cauley, Anne B. Newman, Robert M. Boudreau, John M. Jakicic, Nancy W. Glynn, Sasa Zivkovic, Thuy-Tien L. Dam, Paolo Caserotti, Peggy M. Cawthon, Eric S. Orwoll, Elsa S. Strotmeyer, and for the Osteoporotic Fractures in Men (MrOS) Study Group

We determined whether sensorimotor peripheral nerve (PN) function was associated with physical activity (PA) in older men. The Osteoporotic Fractures in Men Study Pittsburgh, PA, site (n = 328, age 78.8 ± 4.7 years) conducted PN testing, including: peroneal motor and sural sensory nerve conduction (latencies, amplitudes: CMAP and SNAP for motor and sensory amplitude, respectively), 1.4g/10g monofilament (dorsum of the great toe), and neuropathy symptoms. ANOVA and multivariate linear regression modeled PN associations with PA (Physical Activity Scale for the Elderly [PASE] and SenseWear Armband). After multivariable adjustment, better motor latency was associated with higher PASE scores (160.5 ± 4.8 vs. 135.6 ± 6.7, p < .01). Those without versus with neuropathy symptoms had higher PASE scores (157.6 ± 5.3 vs. 132.9 ± 7.1, p < .01). Better versus worse SNAP was associated with slightly more daily vigorous activity (9.5 ± 0.8 vs. 7.3 ± 0.7, p = .05). Other PN measures were not associated with PA. Certain PN measures were associated with lower PA, suggesting a potential pathway for disability.

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Dajo Sanders, Teun van Erp, and Jos J. de Koning

competition days. 1 , 2 In recent years, women’s road cycling has grown widely, and in 2016, the Women’s World Tour was established with more and more races running alongside the Men’s World Tour program. Although published data on the training characteristics of female professional cyclists are limited, our

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Jordan Deneau, Sean Horton, and Paula M. van Wyk

, 2015 ; Tate, Swift, & Bayomi, 2013 ). In the context of active aging, those who are inactive represent a particularly important group to solicit, given that they are the intended targets of programs. Our objective is to examine how older Canadian men, who engage in varying levels of physically active

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Julie Freedman, Sally Hage, and Paula A. Quatromoni

have. And while society broadcasts that men should look muscular and lean, other issues that are less talked about emerged as salient influencers, including how media images are photoshopped or include male athletes who use performance-enhancing drugs to help them achieve an idealized physique. The

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John M. Rosene, Christian Merritt, Nick R. Wirth, and Daniel Nguyen

Key Points ▸ Repetitive subconcussive head impacts occur in men’s lacrosse. ▸ The frequency and magnitude of head impacts in men’s lacrosse is underreported in the literature. ▸ The frequency and magnitude of head impacts in practices and games are similar. Concussion in sports has been defined as

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Lydia R. Vollavanh, Kathleen M. O’Day, Elizabeth M. Koehling, James M. May, Katherine M. Breedlove, Evan L. Breedlove, Eric A. Nauman, Debbie A. Bradney, J. Eric Goff, and Thomas G. Bowman

rotational accelerations based on player position, event type, and location of impact in football. 7 , 16 Researchers also noted differences in mechanism, event type, and location of impact in youth and collegiate ice hockey. 4 , 14 To date, research into head impacts in men’s lacrosse is limited. 25 The

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Nathan A. Reis, Kent C. Kowalski, Amber D. Mosewich, and Leah J. Ferguson

experiences, men face distinct challenges in sport, often stemming from masculinity ( Anderson & McGuire, 2010 ). Whereas women athletes oftentimes face harsh evaluations that pit performance-based expectations against appearance-based expectations (e.g., carrying what might be considered excessive muscle

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Jamie Cleland, Stacey Pope, and John Williams

, 2018 ; Cooky & Messner, 2018 ; Dunn, 2014 ; Forbes, Edwards, & Fleming, 2015 ; Jones, 2008 ; Pope, 2017 ; Toffoletti, 2017 ). Such inequalities can be attributed, historically, to how sport has played a key role in sustaining the privileged position of mainly White men in Western societies. For

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Kristi A. Allain

these new social pressures to age well through rationalized participation in curling, what are the experiences of old(er) men in the sport? To answer this question, I explore the binary between curling practices associated with rational achievement and health, and those associated with tradition, or the

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Michael Atkinson

‘Terrier work’ is an historical and deeply significant rural practice in the United Kingdom, in which small or medium size terriers are employed to track, capture and kill foxes in the larger context of an organized foxhunt. Between 2007-2009, I spent time following a small group of ‘terrier men’ and their dogs around the East Midlands countryside as part of an ethnographic project on the use of dogs in rural (mainly fox) hunting cultures. A small faction of these terrier men living in England and Wales participate in a quasi-legal hunting subculture. In this paper, and drawing heavily upon animal standpoint theory (Best, 2013), I shift analytic focus in human-nonhuman animal studies away from human constructions/ uses/ meanings of animals in animal ‘blood sports’ (Gillett & Gilbert, 2013), and consider a fox hunting case study from the positions and subjectivities of the animals involved. This reading calls sociologists of sport and physical culture to reconsider how human-animal sports, analyzed from marginalized or silenced standpoints, direct attention to the interplay between power, instincts, and desires involved when species interactively meet.