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Saurabh Sharma and M. Ejaz Hussain

SPADI 15 ( Appendix ). Therefore, the purpose of this research was to evaluate the psychometric properties which comprise reliability (internal consistency, test-retest, and composite), validity (convergent and structural), minimal detectable change (MDC 95 ), and partial confirmatory factor analysis

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Ryan Morrison, Kyle M. Petit, Chris Kuenze, Ryan N. Moran and Tracey Covassin

postseason COP differences. The SEM was calculated as SD × √1-ICC, 12 and the minimal detectable change (MDC) was calculated as 1.96 × SEM × √2. 13 The SEM is defined as the estimate of the variability between the score obtained and the participants “true” score. 12 The MDC reflects the smallest change in

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Byron L. Zamboanga, Nathan T. Kearns, Janine V. Olthuis, Heidemarie Blumenthal and Renee M. Cloutier

, and thus served as the second aim of this study. Study Aims Using data from a larger longitudinal study on the health and social behaviors of female student-athletes, the study aims were twofold: to examine the test-retest reliability and minimal detectable change of the MPDG subscales at two time

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Christanie Monreal, Lindsay Luinstra, Lindsay Larkins and James May

minimal detectable change (MDC) for the same ranges of motion when using the Clin-app. Participants Institutional review board approval was granted by Midwestern State University and the University of Idaho. A convenience sample of healthy adults aged 18–30 years was recruited by word of mouth from the

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Marissa C. Gradoz, Lauren E. Bauer, Terry L. Grindstaff and Jennifer J. Bagwell

tester 2 0.78 0.86 0.67 0.71 Intrarater tester 3 0.91 0.91 0.71 0.65 Abbreviations: ER, external rotation; IR, internal rotation; MDC, minimal detectable change. Average MDC values across testers were as follows: supine hip IR ROM, 7.9°; supine hip ER ROM, 7.5°; seated hip IR ROM, 8.6°; and seated hip ER

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M. Spencer Cain, Kyeongtak Song, J. Troy Blackburn, Kimmery Migel and Erik A. Wikstrom

. We hypothesized that ankle joint mobilizations would improve both plantar flexor and fibularis MTS in those with CAI beyond calculated minimal detectable change scores (MDCs) for each variable. Methods Design and Participants We used a pre–post study design to investigate the immediate effects of a

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Jonathan M. Williams, Michael Gara and Carol Clark

RealStats in Excel. Reliability was explored using ICC 3, k . In order to understand the natural variability of such tasks, the SEM was calculated along with the minimal detectable change (MDC 95% ) using the following equation: MDC 95 % = 1.96 × SEM × 2 . In addition, the task complexity was explored

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Steven J. Obst, Lee Barber, Ashton Miller and Rod S. Barrett

methods: (1) intra-class correlation coefficient (ICC) (3, 1, two-way mixed); (2) coefficient of variation (CV); and (3) the minimal detectable change (MDC) at a 95% confidence interval. MDC was calculated using the standard error of repeated measurements: MDC = standard error of measurement (SEM) × √2

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Kelsey Picha, Carolina Quintana, Amanda Glueck, Matt Hoch, Nicholas R. Heebner and John P. Abt

were violated prior to analysis. To detect RT differences across sessions, a repeated-measures analysis of variance was used. To determine reliability and variance, ICC 3,1 , standard error of measurement, and minimal detectable change at a 90% confidence interval were calculated. An ICC value of .50