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Faculty Morale: A Perspective for Academic Leaders

Edward Hebert

Among the many concerns of university leaders, faculty morale and job satisfaction are important but often overlooked. Morale is associated with faculty perceptions of their department, university, and peers and influences their interactions with each other, staff, and students. Job satisfaction

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The Mediating Effects of Resilience, Morale, and Sense of Coherence Between Physical Activity and Perceived Physical/Mental Health Among Japanese Community-Dwelling Older Adults: A Cross-Sectional Study

Hiroko Kukihara, Niwako Yamawaki, Michiyo Ando, Yoshiko Tamura, Kumi Arita, and Emiko Nakashima

Sonstroem ( 1978 ), physical activity can improve one’s confidence and skills, such as resilience and morale, to continue physical activity. Such heightened resilience and morale may directly enable individuals to approach stressful life events with confidence and optimism. In addition, people who have

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Tricheur, professionnel et amateur « marron » : Quand la littérature fait la morale…

Julie Gaucher and Thierry Terret

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Ultrasound-Guided Percutaneous Needle Electrolysis Combined With Therapeutic Exercise May Add Benefit in the Management of Soleus Injury in Female Soccer Players: A Pilot Study

Blanca De-la-Cruz-Torres, Beatriz Romero-Rodríguez, and Carlos Romero-Morales

Orthopaedic surgeon needs to know . J Clin Orthop Trauma . 2019 ; 10 ( 4 ): 659 – 665 . doi:10.1016/j.jcot.2019.05.010 31316235 11. Romero-Morales C , Calvo-Lobo C , Navarro-Flores E , et al . M-Mode ultrasound examination of soleus muscle in healthy subjects: intra- and inter-rater reliability

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Acute Ketone Supplementation and Exercise Performance: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

Pedro L. Valenzuela, Javier S. Morales, Adrián Castillo-García, and Alejandro Lucia

of Economy and Competitiveness ( Fondo de Investigaciones Sanitarias and Fondos FEDER , grant numbers PI15/00558 and PI18/00139 to A.L.). Valenzuela and Morales contributed equally to this work. References 1. Mata F , Valenzuela PL , Gimenez J , et al . Carbohydrate availability and

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Chronic Statin Treatment Does Not Impair Exercise Lipolysis or Fat Oxidation in Exercise-Trained Individuals With Obesity and Dyslipidemia

Laura Alvarez-Jimenez, Alfonso Moreno-Cabañas, Felix Morales-Palomo, Juan F. Ortega, and Ricardo Mora-Rodriguez

that extends several months ( Mikus et al., 2013 ; Morales-Palomo et al., 2020 ) by blunting mitochondrial function ( Larsen et al., 2013 ). The blunting effect of statins on mitochondrial respiration could also limit fat oxidation. One of the most consistent side effects of statins is the inhibition

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Does 8 Weeks of Integrated Functional Core and Plyometric Training Improve Postural Control Performance in Young Rhythmic Gymnasts?

Cristina Cabrejas, Jose Morales, Mónica Solana-Tramunt, Ainhoa Nieto-Guisado, Alesander Badiola-Zabala, and Josep Campos-Rius

. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 34 ( 7 ), 1967 – 1973 . 10.1519/JSC.0000000000002546 Boyle , M. ( 2016 ). New functional training for sports . Human Kinetics . Cabrejas , C. , Solana-Tramunt , M. , Morales , J. , Campos-Rius , J

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Philippe Tissié’s Psychopedagogical Conceptions of Physical Education: Franco-Swedish Hybridity (1886–1935)

Pierre-Alban Lebecq, Yves Moralès, Jean Saint-Martin, Yves Travaillot, and Natalia Bazoge

psychopedagogical conceptions, which have remained intact and which prevent us from considering Tissié as nothing more than the “French Ling” in the same way that the IREPs have never been considered a mere French copy of the Stockholm Central Institute. Notes 1. Jean Saint-Martin, Pierre-Alban Lebecq, Yves Morales

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Speed Improves With Eccentric Hamstring Training in Athletes of Different Maturity Status

Raouf Hammami, Javier Gene-Morales, Ammar Nebigh, Haithem Rebai, and Juan C. Colado

. doi:10.1519/JSC.0000000000003598 17. Hammami R , Gene-Morales J , Abed F , et al . An eight-weeks resistance training programme with elastic band increases some performance-related parameters in pubertal male volleyball players . Biol Sport . 2021 ; 39 ( 1 ): 219 – 26 . doi:10

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High-Intensity Forward-Backward Plyometrics After the Warm-Up Entail Better Sprint and Change-of-Direction Performance Than Low-Intensity Side-to-Side Plyometrics

Karim Ben Ayed, Raouf Hammami, Javier Gene-Morales, Amira Ajailia, Hanen Werfelli, Haithem Rebai, Pablo Jiménez-Martínez, Jorge Flandez, and Juan C. Colado

, ball-striking, and multidirectional locomotion ( Hammami, Gene-Morales, Abed, et al., 2022 ; Ramirez-Campillo, Gentil, et al., 2021 ; Sheppard et al., 2007 ). Within volleyball performance, it has been shown that the higher the players jump, the faster they run, and the quicker they change direction