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Sajad Bagherian, Nader Rahnama, Erik A. Wikstrom, Micheal A. Clark and Faroogh Rostami

Key Points ▸ Athletes with chronic ankle instability exhibit a variety of movement compensations. ▸ Fatigue increases movement compensations in chronic ankle instability patients. ▸ Fusionetics appears capable of detecting compensations in chronic ankle instability patients. Lateral ankle sprains

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Garrett S. Bullock, Taylor Chapman, Thomas Joyce, Robert Prengle, Taylor Stern and Robert J. Butler

a measuring device, a hurdle, and a measuring stick, was used during the evaluation. The FMS assesses fundamental movement competency and is utilized to detect movement compensation and asymmetries in 7 tests. 5 The 7 standard movement tests include the deep squat, hurdle step (HS), ILL, shoulder

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Sajad Bagherian, Khodayar Ghasempoor, Nader Rahnama and Erik A. Wikstrom

scored on a 4-point scale (0–3), and on tests where left and right sides are measured, the lowest score is used, giving a total score out of 21. 4 , 5 , 8 A score of 3 was assigned if the participant performed a functional movement pattern with no movement compensation. A score of 2 was assigned if the

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Sophie Speariett and Ross Armstrong

golfer has changed knee-flexion angle, trunk-flexion angle, or head position between their address posture and impact position. 27 Movement compensations throughout the golf swing can impact on swing plane, timing, balance, and rhythm causing golfers to rely on last minute hand compensations to square

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Grant E. Norte, Katherine R. Knaus, Chris Kuenze, Geoffrey G. Handsfield, Craig H. Meyer, Silvia S. Blemker and Joseph M. Hart

reconstructed individuals. 12 Reduced summated extension moments (hip, knee, and ankle) during a single-leg vertical jump have been identified in patients after ACL-R, 13 suggesting that a pattern of movement compensation may occur at the hip or ankle to maintain function following reconstruction. Sports