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John H. Challis

can provide insight into aspects of human movement (intraspecies scaling). Geometric Scaling Allometry broadly refers to the study of size relationships between different features of an organism, with a specific case being geometric scaling where size varies but not the shape. Figure  1 shows cubes

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Sean Sanford, Mingxiao Liu, and Raviraj Nataraj

Optimizing movement training for the 2-legged squat can induce desired muscle activity while minimizing joint stresses. 1 , 2 The squat movement is commonly used for lower-body sports rehabilitation 3 , 4 and is clinically implicated with the sit-to-stand maneuver. 5 Increasing squat movement

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Sindhu Shanker and Balaram Pradhan

and children. This can also present as financial stress for the parents ( Jain et al., 2019 ). As such, parents constantly search for alternative treatments to help their children. Currently, as a movement-based mind–body intervention, yoga is increasingly used as an alternative therapeutic practice

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Pauliina Husu, Kari Tokola, Henri Vähä-Ypyä, Harri Sievänen, Jaana Suni, Olli J. Heinonen, Jarmo Heiskanen, Kaisu M. Kaikkonen, Kai Savonen, Sami Kokko, and Tommi Vasankari

Some years ago, discussion about the importance of including 24-hr movement behavior in health research was initiated (e.g.,  Chaput, Carson, Gray, & Tremblay, 2014 ). The time-use paradigm was presented as a multidisciplinary approach to investigate the allocation of time within the given time

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Karl M. Newell

study, both of which, it was anticipated, would have a significant impact on the multiple avenues of specialization. The general “anticipation” was that there was “more” to the study of human movement to be drawn and developed from the disciplinary areas of the arts, humanities, and sciences than was

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Hitoshi Oda, Yasushi Sawaguchi, Hiroshi Kunimura, Taku Kawasaki, and Koichi Hiraoka

The current movement is influenced by the previous movement, called previous trial effect . The previous trial effect has been thought to be mediated by the process in which the previous trial leaves a residual imprint on the brain activity carried through to the current trial ( Fecteau & Munoz

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Carlo Di Brina, Roberto Averna, Paola Rampoldi, Serena Rossetti, and Roberta Penge

on the basis of their Movement Assessment Battery for Children (M-ABC) performance. The M-ABC ( Henderson & Sugden, 1992 ) is a norm-referenced, valid, and reliable assessment of motor competence ( Chow & Henderson, 2003 ; interrater reliability: r  = .96; test–retest: .77), which has been widely

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Ignacio Perez-Pozuelo, Thomas White, Kate Westgate, Katrien Wijndaele, Nicholas J. Wareham, and Soren Brage

acceleration signal, including the magnitude of movement and the orientation of the accelerometer with respect to gravity. Previous research using wrist accelerometry has described variation in population physical activity expressed predominantly as the activity-related acceleration magnitude. For example, da

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Roger Russell

Finally, his ethical stand was clear—the individual was primary and was never to be forced to conform to any abstract concept of correct posture, movement, or behavior. Who Was Moshe Feldenkrais? 2 At the close of World War I, Feldenkrais set out with a smuggler as a guide, and a pistol in his boot, to

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Julie Vaughan-Graham, Kara Patterson, Karl Zabjek, and Cheryl A. Cott

Human movement is a complex phenomenon presenting considerable challenges regarding how it is systematically and consistently described and investigated both from clinical and research perspectives ( Harbourne & Stergiou, 2009 ; Latash, Levin, Scholz, & Schöner, 2010 ; Levin, Liebermann, Parmet