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Inge Derom and Donna Lee


The City of Vancouver, British Columbia strategically designed and implemented a municipal health promotion policy—the Vancouver Active Communities policy—to leverage the 2010 Olympic Games. The goal of the policy was to increase physical activity participation among Vancouver residents by 2010.


In this paper, we conduct a critical policy analysis of health promotion policy documents that were available on the City of Vancouver’s website.


We elaborate on the background to the policy and more specifically we examine its content: the problem definition, policy goals, and policy instruments.


Our analysis showed inconsistency within the policy, particularly because the implemented policy instruments were not designed to address needs of the identified target populations in need of health promotion efforts, which were used to legitimize the approval of funding for the policy. Inconsistency across municipal policies, especially in terms of promoting physical activity among low-income residents, was also problematic.


If other municipalities seek to leverage health promotion funding related to hosting sport mega-events, the programs and services should be designed to benefit the target populations used to justify the funding. Furthermore, municipalities should clearly indicate how funding will be maintained beyond the life expectancy of the mega-event.

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Lin Yu, Hanhan Xue and Joshua I. Newman

Municipal Government initiated broad-sweeping reforms intended to utilize Shanghai’s increasingly liquid capital, modernizing infrastructure, enduring cosmopolitanism, and population-based economic capacities to transform the urban sport landscape—and thereby elevate investment, consumerism, tourism, and

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Christopher M. McLeod, Haozhou Pu and Joshua I. Newman

environmental policy in the People’s Republic of China. We then describe the domestic and international events that precipitated in global interest and controversy over Beijing hosting the Games. Next, we describe efforts of the BOCOG and the Beijing Municipal Government to assemble the sky for the event

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Marianella Herrera-Cuenca, Betty Méndez-Pérez, Maritza Landaeta-Jiménez, Xiomarys Marcano, Evelyn Guilart, Luis Sotillé and Rosalba Romero

government and nongovernment reports and online content, and meeting with experts of the NGOs and Municipal Government. The Report Card synthesized data from multiple sources as a means to assess the 13 indicator grades. The data sources relied upon most heavily for adolescents was the Venezuelan Study of

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Diana Marina Camargo, Paula Camila Ramírez, Vanesa Quiroga, Paola Ríos, Rogério César Férmino and Olga L. Sarmiento

senior citizens groups, socially organized by neighborhoods, participate in leisure-time activities by their own initiative (data not shown). Moreover, the organized older adults’ groups in the city are supported by the municipal government, with different social and cultural programs by administration

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Cecilia del Campo Vega, Veronica Tutte, Gustavo Bermudez and Diana C. Parra

. 13 In Uruguay, FZs have been a part of a strategy implemented by the government across the country to promote PA. The strategy involves installing over 200 FZs in a 3-year period, with a density of 1 FZ for every 16,000 people. Local municipal governments and the national government (through the

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Sungchul Lee, Sangyoon Lee, Seongryu Bae, Kazuhiro Harada, Songee Jung, Keitaro Makino and Hiroyuki Shimada

certification as recorded by the Japanese LTCI system, which is managed by each municipal government. LTCI classifies a person as “Support Level 1 or 2” to indicate a need for assistance to support activities of daily living or “Care Level 1 through 5” to indicate a need for continuous care ( Tsutsui

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Kyoung-yim Kim and Heejoon Chung

th National Comprehensive Territorial Plan by the National Government (2000–2020), the 3rd Comprehensive Development Plan by the Provincial Government (2001–2020), and the Basic Plan by the PyeongChang Municipal Government (2002–2020). * The Inauguration. References Blowers , A. ( 1997

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Milena M. Parent, Michael L. Naraine and Russell Hoye

residents Residents Local sponsors Loc-Spnsr Local sport organizations Loc-Sporg Municipal governments Mun-Gov National sponsors Nat-Spnsr Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie OIF-Sporg Other National Sport Organizations (e.g., U SPORTS) ONSO-Sporg Own The Podium (funding agency) OTP-Sporg Paid