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Susan Park, Lindsay P. Toth, Paul R. Hibbing, Cary M. Springer, Andrew S. Kaplan, Mckenzie D. Feyerabend, Scott E. Crouter and David R. Bassett

 al., 1996 ; Schneider, Crouter, & Bassett, 2004 ), but it is not known if wearing the monitor on the dominant versus non-dominant wrist impacts step counts across a day. Wrist-worn activity monitors do not directly measure steps, but instead measure wrist movements that occur during ambulation. Due to the

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Alex V. Rowlands, Tatiana Plekhanova, Tom Yates, Evgeny M. Mirkes, Melanie Davies, Kamlesh Khunti and Charlotte L. Edwardson

the non-dominant wrist, except UK Biobank, which used the dominant wrist. Before outcomes from studies using raw acceleration monitors can be compared or pooled into multinational databases, it is necessary to demonstrate comparability between monitor brands and wrist of wear. Data from all three

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Charlotte L. Edwardson, Melanie Davies, Kamlesh Khunti, Thomas Yates and Alex V. Rowlands

worn on the ND wrist had the lowest MAPE (9.9% and 10.5% respectively) and the Aquarius and Polar Loop worn on the D wrist had the highest (19.5% and 21.9%, respectively). Table 1 Mean Absolute Percentage Error ( SD ) for Each Physical Activity Tracker Non-Dominant Wrist Dominant Wrist Trackers N MAPE

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Laura D. Ellingson, Paul R. Hibbing, Gregory J. Welk, Dana Dailey, Barbara A. Rakel, Leslie J. Crofford, Kathleen A. Sluka and Laura A. Frey-Law

data collection. Procedures At the initial visit, participants were fitted with a wrist-worn tri-axial accelerometer (ActiGraph GT3X+, dynamic range ±6 g, sampling rate 30 Hz) to wear on their non-dominant wrist 24 hrs/day for a week (including sleep and showering). Participants were instructed to

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Ignacio Perez-Pozuelo, Thomas White, Kate Westgate, Katrien Wijndaele, Nicholas J. Wareham and Soren Brage

non-dominant wrist. This subsample constitutes the sampling frame for the current analyses. Participants were excluded from this analysis if they had insufficient individual calibration (treadmill test-based) data, or had less than 72 hours of concurrent wear data (equivalent of three full days of

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Alexander H.K. Montoye, Jordana Dahmen, Nigel Campbell and Christopher P. Connolly

, sex, and non-dominant wrist options were input into the FF prior to testing, and firmware version 81 was used. The AG is the newest version of ActiGraph accelerometer and can be worn at locations such as the waist or the wrist; for the current investigation, it was initialized to collect triaxial

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Anna Pulakka, Eric J. Shiroma, Tamara B. Harris, Jaana Pentti, Jussi Vahtera and Sari Stenholm

Wearing the accelerometer on the (non-dominant) wrist is gaining popularity as an alternative to hip placement ( Doherty et al., 2017 ; Schrack et al., 2016 ; Troiano, McClain, Brychta, & Chen, 2014 ). Wrist-worn accelerometers have been shown to be valid in estimating physical activity energy

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Jennifer L. Huberty, Jeni L. Matthews, Meynard Toledo, Lindsay Smith, Catherine L. Jarrett, Benjamin Duncan and Matthew P. Buman

in the Actigraph ( John, Tyo, & Bassett, 2010 ). The GENEActiv, was placed on the non-dominant wrist. The Oxycon Mobile measured expired gases using breath-by-breath analyzation in the JLab software ( Rosdahl et al., 2010 ). Participants were randomized to an initial resting activity of either

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Denise M. Jones, Harvi F. Hart, Kay M. Crossley, Ilana N. Ackerman and Joanne L. Kemp

: an ActiGraph GT3X+, Fitbit Flex™, and Fitbit Flex 2™ to wear for a two-week period. They were instructed to wear both Fitbit™ devices on their non-dominant wrist with the bands securely fitted, removing all devices for water-based activities and overnight. Participants were also advised to remove all

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Emma L. J. Eyre, Jason Tallis, Susie Wilson, Lee Wilde, Liam Akhurst, Rildo Wanderleys and Michael J. Duncan

GENEActiv Non- dominant GENEActiv Dominant ActiGraph Non- dominant Wrist ActiGraph Dominant wrist ActiGraph Non- dominant Hip ActiGraph Dominant hip Research Tracker 6 (RT6) Non-dominant Hip 0.765** 0.786** RT6 Dominant Hip 0.817** 0.814** 0.956** GENEActiv Non-dominant Wrist 0.680** 0.718** 0.811** 0