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The Effects of Instructional Self-Talk on Quiet-Eye Duration and Golf-Putting Performance

Yonatan Sarig, Montse C. Ruiz, Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis, and Gershon Tenenbaum

.W. , Lewis , B.P. , & Linder , D.E. ( 1995 ). Cork! The effects of positive and negative self-talk on dart throwing performance . Journal of Sport Behavior, 18 ( 1 ), 50 . Vickers , J.N. ( 2007 ). Perception, cognition and decision training: The quiet-eye in action . Human Kinetics . Vickers

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The Element of Surprise: How Predictive Processing Can Help Coach Practitioners Understand and Develop Skilled Movement in Sport Settings

Katherine A. O’Brien, Andrew Kennedy, and Michael J. O’Keeffe

) project predictions to the lower levels (i.e., low-level sensory processing areas involving subcortical thalamic and basal ganglia structures) of incoming sensory data ( Barto et al., 2013 ; Tivadar et al., 2021 ). For example, the standard or traditional approach to perception, cognition, and causes of

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Important Movement Concepts: Clinical Versus Neuroscience Perspectives

Julie Vaughan-Graham, Kara Patterson, Karl Zabjek, and Cheryl A. Cott

recovery following a lesion of the central nervous system ( Vaughan-Graham & Cott, 2016 ). Bobath clinical practice is based on the understanding that sensation, action, perception, cognition, and emotion are interlinked and interactive ( Levin & Panturin, 2011 ; Vaughan-Graham & Cott, 2016 ; VGraham et

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Visual Search Strategy During Regatta Starts in a Sailing Simulation

Aaron Manzanares, Ruperto Menayo, and Francisco Segado

. Vickers , J.N. ( 2007 ). Perception, cognition and decision training. The quiet eye in action . Champaing, IL : Human Kinetics . Vila-Maldonado , S. , García , L.M. , & Contreras , O. ( 2012 ). The research of the visual behaviour, from the cognitive-perceptual focus and the decision making in

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Context Affects Quiet Eye Duration and Motor Performance Independent of Cognitive Effort

Oliver R. Runswick, Matthew Jewiss, Ben T. Sharpe, and Jamie S. North

, J.N. ( 2007 ). Perception, cognition, and decision training: The quiet eye in action . Human Kinetics . Vickers , J.N. , Causer , J. , & Vanhooren , D. ( 2019 ). The role of quiet eye timing and location in the Basketball three-point shot: A new research paradigm . Frontiers in Psychology

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Effects of 4 Weeks of Variability of Practice Training in Padel Double Right Wall: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Carolina Gutiérrez-Álvarez, Joshua Colomar, Ernest Baiget, Santos Villafaina, and Juan Pedro Fuentes-García

.E.A. , & van Wegen , E.E.H. ( 2000 ). On variability and stability in human movement . Journal of Applied Biomechanics, 16 ( 4 ), 394 – 406 . 10.1123/jab.16.4.394 Vickers , J.N. ( 2007 ). Perception, cognition, and decision training: The quiet eye in action

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The Role of Quiet Eye Duration and Its Components in a Complex Far-Aiming Task

Samira Moeinirad, Behrouz Abdoli, Alireza Farsi, and Nasour Ahmadi

.1177/036354659602406S25 Vickers , J.N. ( 1996b ). Visual control when aiming at a far target . Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 22 ( 2 ), 342 – 354 . PubMed ID: 8934848 doi:10.1037//0096-1523.22.2.342 Vickers , J. N. ( 2007 ). Perception, cognition, and decision training

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Effects of Enriched Physical Activity Environments on Balance and Fall Prevention in Older Adults: A Scoping Review

Mohsen Shafizadeh, Jane Manson, Sally Fowler-Davis, Khalid Ali, Anna C. Lowe, Judy Stevenson, Shahab Parvinpour, and Keith Davids

negotiation, anticipation, reaction responses, and postural control) to support mobility in everyday life are paramount ( Rosenbaum, 2010 ). This integration of perception, cognition, and action could emerge through creating an enriched environment where participation in everyday physical activities and

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Visual Strategies Underpinning the Spatiotemporal Demands During Visuomotor Tasks in Predicting Ball Direction

Alessandro Piras, Matthew A. Timmis, Aurelio Trofè, and Milena Raffi

). What do we see out of the corner of our eye? The role of visual pivots and gaze anchors in sport . International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 13 ( 1 ), 81 – 103 . 10.1080/1750984X.2019.1582082 Vickers , J.N. ( 2007 ). Perception

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A Narrative Literature Review About the Role of Microsaccades in Sports

Alessandro Piras and Milena Raffi

, J.N. ( 2007 ). Perception, cognition, and decision training: The quiet eye in action . Human Kinetics . Wang , C.A. , Boehnke , S.E. , White , B.J. , & Munoz , D.P. ( 2012 ). Microstimulation of the monkey superior colliculus induces pupil dilation without evoking saccades . Journal of