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Louise M. Burke, Linda M. Castell, Douglas J. Casa, Graeme L. Close, Ricardo J. S. Costa, Ben Desbrow, Shona L. Halson, Dana M. Lis, Anna K. Melin, Peter Peeling, Philo U. Saunders, Gary J. Slater, Jennifer Sygo, Oliver C. Witard, Stéphane Bermon and Trent Stellingwerff

benefits • Event-specific hydration plan before and during race to find individual balance between rates of sweat loss and opportunities to drink • Well practiced use of evidence-based performance supplements (e.g., caffeine) Ultradistance and mountain running ( Costa et al., 2019 ) >Marathon distance

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Peter Peeling, Martyn J. Binnie, Paul S.R. Goods, Marc Sim and Louise M. Burke

these underpinning factors are accounted for, and the athlete reaches a training maturity and competition level where marginal gains determine success, a role may exist for the use of evidence-based performance supplements. Although an array of supplements are marketed for the enhancement of sports

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Peter Peeling, Linda M. Castell, Wim Derave, Olivier de Hon and Louise M. Burke

scientific substantiation, beyond the benefits of each compound in isolation. Of note, some manufacturers add performance supplements or other ingredients to sports foods. For instance, protein shakes can contain creatine, sport drinks or sports bars can contain caffeine, and vitamins can be found in the

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Louise M. Burke and Peter Peeling

. This review will address key issues in undertaking research on performance supplements, develop some guidelines for improving the methodologies of such work, and promote a better understanding of the limitations inherent within the current literature. The commentary will be limited to issues around

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Louise M. Burke, Asker E. Jeukendrup, Andrew M. Jones and Martin Mooses

specialized context: medical supplements used to prevent/treat a nutrient deficiency (e.g., vitamin D or iron supplements); sports foods providing energy, macronutrients, and fluid requirements in scenarios where whole foods are impractical; and performance supplements that directly improve training or

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Mike A. Perko, Ronald D. Williams Jr. and Marion W. Evans

Sports supplements use is reality in the 21st century and the global sports world is enmeshed daily in media coverage and debate. Traditionally much of the focus has been on male athletes but the tide is shifting toward the rapidly evolving culture of the female athlete. Little is known about the use rates, reasons, and effects of sports performance supplements among females. This article examines female athletes and sports supplements with emphasis on historical influence, realities for the female athlete, risks involved in performance enhancement, and future recommendations.

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International Olympic Committee Expert Group on Dietary Supplements in Athletes

are influential rather than being experts on this topic. There is no universal system to categorise the supplements used by athletes, but it can be helpful to divide them (or their uses) into products that address specific nutrient deficiencies, sports foods, performance supplements, and supplements

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Martin C. Waller, Deborah A. Kerr, Martyn J. Binnie, Emily Eaton, Clare Wood, Terreen Stenvers, Daniel F. Gucciardi, Carmel Goodman and Kagan J. Ducker

, 2017 ) as sports foods (i.e., normal food items to support training, competition, and recovery), medical supplements (i.e., supplements prescribed to correct a deficiency), and performance supplements (i.e., supplements used specifically to enhance performance). Reasons for use/nonuse of supplements

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Edgar J. Gallardo and Andrew R. Coggan

.06 Concentrates (ml)       Brownwood Acres (beet juice concentrate) 30 – 1.05 0.01 AIM International Red Rush 74 8.06 2.39 ± 1.97 0.01 ± 0.01 Red Ace Organics Beet Performance Supplement 60 – 2.76 ± 1.54 0.00 CherryActive BeetActive 30 3.69 3.93 0.06 James White Drinks Beet It Organic Beetroot Shot 70 4.84 5

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Ina Garthe and Ronald J. Maughan

Many athletes, at all levels of competition, place great emphasis on the use of dietary supplements, but of all the factors that determine athletic performance, supplements can play only a very small role. Compared with factors such as talent, training, tactics, and motivation, nutrition has a