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A Framework for Physical Activity Policy Research

Thomas L. Schmid, Michael Pratt, and Lindsay Witmer


Although policy approaches are traditionally an important element of public health efforts to address major health problems, public health policy around physical activity remains poorly defined and developed.


After extensive literature searches and reviews of policy frameworks developed for other public health issues such as tobacco control and injury prevention, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hosted a series of workshops and discussions on physical activity policy.


A simple model describing relationships among policy, the environment, behavior, and health was developed, a framework for organizing and conceptualizing policy interventions was described, and priorities for public health efforts to promote physical activity were proposed.


An expanded focus on physical activity policy interventions is warranted, and such efforts can complement physical activity promotion efforts at other levels. The addition of researchers with expertise in the policy sciences will enhance the work of existing multidisciplinary teams.

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Impact of the First Wave of COVID-19 on Physical Activity Promotion in the European Union: Results From a Policymaker Survey

Peter Gelius, Antonina Tcymbal, Stephen Whiting, Sven Messing, Karim Abu-Omar, Wolfgang Geidl, Anne Kerstin Reimers, Klaus Pfeifer, Romeu Mendes, Nino Berdzuli, and Joao Breda

. New York, NY: Avalon Publishing ; 2007 . 20. Rittel HWJ , Webber MM . Dilemmas in a general theory of planning . Policy Sciences . 1973 ; 4 ( 2 ): 155 – 169 . doi:10.1007/BF01405730 21. Peters GB . The problem of policy problems . J Comp Policy Anal . 2005 ; 7 ( 4 ): 349 – 370 . 22

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Breaking Barriers: An Innovative Tool to Assess the National and City-Level Physical Activity Policy Development to Practice Disconnect

Eugen Resendiz, Andrea Ramírez-Varela, Juliana Mejía-Grueso, Jane Moon, Josef Mitáš, Ross C. Brownson, Deborah Salvo, and Michael Pratt

how policy science is applied in physical activity promotion policy evaluation at the subnational (city) level (Figure  1 ). Figure 1 Scoping review literature search flowchart. HEPA indicates health-enhancing physical activity. We searched PubMed, Web of Science, ScienceDirect, PsycINFO, SPORTDiscus

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One or Many? A Brief History of Culture and Cultures in the Evolution of “Physical Culture”

Mark Dyreson

vaccines, antibiotics, and stable food supplies. Policy Science and Parables—Playing the “What If?” Game Historians are fond of debunking clichés such as “Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it,” an alleged truism based on the philosopher George Santayana’s aphorism that “Those who

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Sport Advocacy: The Art of Persuasion and Its By-Products

Cecilia Stenling and Michael Sam

use of evidence in state-level policymaking: Matching evidence type to legislative stage . Policy Sciences, 50, 697 – 719 . doi:10.1007/s11077-017-9289-x Norberg , J. ( 2004 ). Idrottens väg till folkhemmet. Studier i statlig idrottspolitik 1913–1970 (Doctoral dissertation). Department of

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A Project-Led Framework for Coach Development in English Men’s Professional Football: A Premier League Case Study

Liam McCarthy and Claire-Marie Roberts

:// Rittel , H.W. , & Webber , M.M. ( 1973 ). Dilemmas in a general theory of planning . Policy Sciences, 4 ( 2 ), 155 – 169 . Roberts , C.-M. , & Kenttä , G. ( 2019 ). Knowing when, and how, to step out: Coach retirement . In

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Governance of Post-Olympic Games Legacy Organizations: A Comparative Study

Jinsu Byun, Mathew Dowling, and Becca Leopkey

goals) Any information indicating the types and uniformity of legacy goals and targets Instruments used for policy implementation (e.g., legislation, negotiated agreements, contracts) Any information indicating how legacy programs and policies are implemented Policy–science interface (i.e., types of

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The Effects of Athlete Activism on League Credibility, Event Legacy, and Event Involvement: A Crisis Communication Perspective

Akira Asada, Yuhei Inoue, and Yonghwan Chang

. Management Communication Quarterly, 16 ( 2 ), 165 – 186 . 10.1177/089331802237233 Delmas , M. , & Keller , A. ( 2005 ). Free riding in voluntary environmental programs: The case of the US EPA WasteWise program . Policy Sciences, 38 ( 2–3 ), 91 – 106

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Traditional and Integrated PhD Curricula: A Study of Knowledge Creation Produced by Sport Management Programs and Their Faculty

Chad Seifried, Chris Barnhill, and J. Michael Martinez

Perceptual and Motor Skills Tourism Economics Policy Sciences Tourism Management Policy Studies Journal Tourism Review International Psychology and Marketing Transport Policy Public Administration Quarterly Urban Affairs Review Public Administration Review Urban Studies Public Budgeting and Finance Voluntas

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Mapping Research on Interorganizational Relationships in Sport Management: Current Landscape and Future Research Prospects

Kathy Babiak, Lucie Thibault, and Annick Willem

), 537 – 556 . doi:10.1111/j.1467-9299.2011.01921.x 10.1111/j.1467-9299.2011.01921.x Green , M. ( 2007 ). Governing under advanced liberalism: Sport policy and the social investment state . Policy Sciences , 40 ( 1 ), 55 – 71 . doi:10.1007/s11077-007-9034-y 10.1007/s11077-007-9034-y Green , M