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Johanna Popp, Nanna Notthoff and Lisa Marie Warner

increasing physical activity can be adapted in order to effectively reach an older population. Framing of Health Information and Positivity Effect in Old Age Previous research in this field has indicated that message framing, the profit- or loss-oriented phrasing of health information, can result in

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Maxime Deshayes, Corentin Clément-Guillotin and Raphaël Zory

increase. Moreover, even if majority of studies found a performance decrease after the induction of a negative stereotype, it has been shown that, in some cases, performance could also be improved (e.g.,  O’Brien & Crandall, 2003 ). For example, to explain the positive effect observed on performance after

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Sami Yli-Piipari, Todd Layne, Janet Hinson and Carol Irwin

have a positive effect on students’ autonomous PE motivation via their perception of autonomy support in PE ( Chatzisarantis & Hagger, 2009 ; Cheon et al., 2012 ; Hagger et al., 2009 ). An alternative hypothesis ( H1b ) was tested, in which the intervention has a direct effect on both students

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Sachi Ikudome, Kou Kou, Kisho Ogasa, Shiro Mori and Hiroki Nakamoto

It is a common goal of all athletes to attain a higher level of performance. Therefore, it is important to understand whether a practice strategy that is known to have a positive effect on the acquisition of motor skills is equally effective for everyone. In the field of motor learning, several

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Neil Armstrong and Jo Welsman

, with 95% confidence intervals (CIs) encompassing the range 0.65–0.73). With body mass controlled for, a positive effect of age on peak V ˙ O 2 was demonstrated, with significant negative estimates obtained for the age 2 , sex, and age-by-sex interaction terms. In model 1.2, the sum of subscapular and

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Ian McGinnis, Justin Cobb, Ryan Tierney and Anne Russ

There is consistent, but low-level, evidence supporting that vestibular rehabilitation can have a positive effect on self-reported dizziness (dizziness severity, DHI, ABC) and objective balance (SOT, BESS) on patients with prolonged symptoms following concussion. However, vestibular rehabilitation is

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David Rodríguez-Osorio, Oliver Gonzalo-Skok and Fernando Pareja-Blanco

interpreted as a positive effect. Figure 2 —Between-groups comparisons for countermovement jump (CMJ), 10-m sprint time (T 10 ), 20-m sprint time (T 20 ), 30-m sprint time (T 30 ), change-of-direction (COD) running test in the shape of an L (L-run), and COD running test in the shape of a V (V-cut). Groups

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Stephen M. Glass, Brian L. Cone, Christopher K. Rhea, Donna M. Duffy and Scott E. Ross

-specific height effects were significant exclusively for males, while sex-specific weight effects were significant exclusively for females. With respect to height, interaction probes indicate a significant positive effect on 3 of the dependent variables for males: SDy (S), RNGy (S), and RNGx (T). In addition, a

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Pamela Wicker and Paul Downward

their level of subjective well-being. In contrast to the OLS results, the GMM estimations reveal that only the number of operational roles has a significant positive effect on the subjective well-being measure, whereas the number of sport-related roles is systematically insignificant and the number of

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Romain Meeusen and Lieselot Decroix

organ with high energy demands ( Reinmuth et al., 1965 ). Emerging evidence suggests that creatine has a positive effect on brain functions (including cognition) in circumstances where brain energy supply is suboptimal ( Rae et al., 2003 ). However, the evidence for a positive effect of creatine on