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Gretchen A. Schlabach

The profession of athletic training has not identified and explicitly articulated shared professional values (PV). Shared PV are the seeds of professionalism, and deeply rooted motivators of professional action which support the social contract through self-regulation. The purpose of this exploratory study was to: (1) discover shared PV in athletic training, (2) examine how important PV are to the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) membership, and (3) how important is it for our association to explicitly articulate professional values. This study found that truth/honesty, integrity, and respect are significant athletic training PV. PV are important (96.8%), and it is important for the association to explicitly articulate PV (96.5%). The declaration of shared PV will promote values-based behaviors and internally motivate a duty to uphold the legal, ethical, and regulatory standards of the profession. Dedication to our professional responsibilities will sustain the social contract and encourage public trust.

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Kimberly S. Peer and Gretchen A. Schlabach

Edited by Malissa Martin

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Tim Fletcher and Ashley Casey

There are two purposes of this study. The first is to examine our experiences as beginning teacher educators who taught using models-based practice (using the example of Cooperative Learning). The second is to consider the benefits of using collaborative self-study to foster deep understandings of teacher education practice. The findings highlight the challenges in adapting school teaching practices to the university setting, and the different types of knowledge required to teach about the “hows” and “whys” of a models-based approach. We conclude by acknowledging the benefits of systematic study of practice in helping to unpack the complexities and challenges of teaching about teaching. Our collaborative self-study enabled us to develop insights into the intertwined nature of self and practice, and the personal and professional value of our research leads us to encourage teacher educators to examine and share their challenges and understandings of teaching practice.

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Alessandro Quartiroli, Sharon M. Knight, Edward F. Etzel and Rebecca A. Zakrajsek

. They realized the personal and professional value of accessing a trusted, experienced mentor and developing a positive, trustworthy collegial network (valuing, trusting, and engaging in collegial networking). For example, Tesia described how she strived to “maintain as many good professional

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Julia Walsh and Fraser Carson

which one method is chosen over another; and 3) Implicit structure—providing a deep appreciation of professional values, disposition and beliefs of the vocation. Legal education provides a clear example of the three dimensions through its ‘case law method’ signature pedagogy. At the surface structure

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Thomas J. Templin, Kim C. Graber and K. Andrew R. Richards

external funding increased. This resulted in a growing number of faculties who were dissatisfied with the existing program structure because they self-identified less as pedagogues and more as exercise scientists ( Lorusso & Richards, 2018 ). Despite calls to embrace shared professional values related to

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Alessandro Quartiroli, Edward F. Etzel, Sharon M. Knight and Rebecca A. Zakrajsek

The Ps valued the opportunity of working in positive and active environments. Rare Domain #3: SP-PQL as a developmental journey 1. Professional Competence The Ps valued their professional value shifted from being based on clients’ success to being based on their self-worth and perceived competence

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Kirsti Van Dornick and Nancy L.I. Spencer

.04.009 Fenton , E. , & Mitchell , T. ( 2002 ). Growing old with dignity: A concept analysis . Nursing Practice, 14 ( 4 ), 19 – 21 . Gallagher , A. ( 2004 ). Dignity and respect for dignity—two key health professional values: Implications for nursing

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Shirley Gray, Paul M. Wright, Richard Sievwright and Stuart Robertson

they learned to apply TPSR. Same Values, Different Contexts Shared personal and professional values Both teachers were situated in different contexts but shared similar values around teaching and learning. Simon and Robert expressed their desire to learn, to improve, and to provide their pupils with

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Kassi A. Boyd and Donna L. Goodwin

.irrdd.2016.08.001 10.1016/bs.irrdd.2016.08.001 Gallagher , A. ( 2004 ). Dignity and respect for dignity—Two key health professional values: Implications for nursing practice . Nursing Ethics, 11 , 587 – 599 . PubMed ID: 15597939 doi:10.1191/0969733004ne744oa 10.1191/0969733004ne744oa Goodwin , D