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The Prevalence of Mental Ill Health in Elite Counter-Strike Athletes

Phil D.J. Birch, Matthew J. Smith, Atheeshaan Arumuham, Angelica Ortiz de Gortari, and Benjamin T. Sharpe

defined as the competitive play of specific video games that provides professional or personal development to the player ( Pedraza-Ramirez et al., 2020 ). Preliminary research has identified a range of stressors faced by elite esports athletes including personal performance, team issues, audience

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Delivering Sport Psychology Services to a Professional Sport Organization

Frederick Neff

This paper discusses a model of providing a specialized employee assistance program, with psychological services that are far-reaching and beyond what traditional employee assistance programs offer. Three main areas in which services are deemed especially critical include working with the athletes to improve their sports performance using various mental skills techniques, providing personal counseling, and impacting the organization at an organizational level. Also discussed is the author’s current role with the team and management, both during the preseason and the official season. Further, the author evaluates his effectiveness as a sport psychology consultant and the problems encountered as well as the importance of developing and maintaining proper boundaries within the organization. In conclusion, issues related to the goodness of fit between the professional sport organization and the sport psychology consultant are addressed.

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Case Study of a Professional Development Support Group of Sport Psychology Practitioners Working in Major League Baseball Organizations in the United States and Canada

Charlie Maher

The past decade has witnessed increased growth in the practice of sport psychology in professional and collegiate sports in North America and worldwide ( Kornspan & Quartiroli, 2019 ). With regard to Major League Baseball (MLB) in the United States and Canada, mental performance and mental health

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#ForTheGame: Social Change and the Struggle to Professionalize Women’s Ice Hockey

Courtney Szto, Ann Pegoraro, Erin Morris, Melanie Desrochers, Karell Emard, Katrina Galas, Anissa Gamble, Liz Knox, and Kristen Richards

women’s hockey players formed the Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association (PWHPA) in an attempt to lobby for a more sustainable professional league that could provide living wages, training facilities, medical staff, and health insurance, among other employee benefits. They vowed not to play in

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Self-Reported Physical Activity and Perception of Athleticism in American Equestrian Athletes

Michaela M. Keener, Kimberly I. Tumlin, and Deirdre Dlugonski

activities; household, and yard work activities (eg, barn work); and occupational activities (eg, professional riders and horse trainers). 18 Anecdotally, equestrians often hear, “riding is not a sport,” or, “the horse does all of the work,” from spectators, friends, family, and other athletes. Research

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Durability in Professional Cyclists: A Field Study

Pedro L. Valenzuela, Lidia B. Alejo, Laureano M. Ozcoidi, Alejandro Lucia, Alfredo Santalla, and David Barranco-Gil

professional cyclists—with a superior discriminant validity than PO values attained under “fresh” conditions. 3 – 7 However, controversy exists regarding which variables are associated with durability. Research with professional cyclists has shown larger performance decrements with greater amounts of work (in

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Citation of Evidence for Research and Application in Kinesiology

Duane Knudson, Bruce Elliott, and Tim Ackland

Applied research in kinesiology that can truly inform professional practice places high demands on researchers. Clear citation of research evidence is required to design meaningful research and is particularly important in the interpretation of evidence in proposing how the new results may be applied in sport, exercise, or physical activity. This paper summarizes principles for accurate citation of research evidence in justifying and designing applied research in kinesiology; it also proposes an evidence-based practice approach for interpreting the strength of evidence for the application potential of research results. Improved application of kinesiology research is important to advance recognition of the field and support for kinesiology professions.

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Benefits, Pressures, and Challenges of Leadership and Captaincy in the National Hockey League

Martin Camiré

Leadership is often formalized within sport through captaincy, but researchers have yet to examine the realities of captaincy at the highest level of professional competition. The current study examined the benefits, pressures, and challenges of leadership and captaincy in the National Hockey League (NHL). One captain of an NHL team participated in two in-depth interviews, providing thorough descriptions of his first-hand experiences as an NHL captain, including (a) the techniques he uses to manage his media obligations, (b) his role as a communication bridge between players and coaches, (c) the composition of his leadership group, and (d) examples of interactions that occur during player-only meetings. The transition to captaincy was considered an especially challenging and pressure-filled period. Practical implications for sport psychology consultants are discussed in terms of how they can assist captains of elite competitive teams in setting realistic expectations for their leadership role.

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Demands of the Tour de France: A Case Study of a World-Class Sprinter (Part I)

Teun van Erp, Marcel Kittel, and Robert P. Lamberts

The cycling world is well known for its 3 Grand Tours (GTs): the Tour de France (TdF) since 1903, the Giro d’Italia since 1908, and the Vuelta a España since 1934. All 3 GTs consist of 21 race days with only 2 or 3 interspersed rest days. 1 Professional road cycling is a sport with high demands

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The Future of Work: What It Is and How Our Resilience in the Face of It Matters

Suri Duitch

, not only because of changing technology. How can educators possibly feel equal to the challenge of preparing future professionals for long and successful careers at a time of such massive transition and upheaval? These challenges are before the field of kinesiology at least as much as other fields. As