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Coyte G. Cooper and Richard M. Southall

Over the past few decades, college sport in the United States has increasingly adopted a commercial institutional logic when engaging in an athletics “arms race.” With decisions by some athletic directors to eliminate certain nonrevenue Olympic sport programs for spending reallocation, it stands to reason that programs such as men’s wrestling will need to enhance their revenue streams to remain viable in future years. The purpose of the study was to investigate the motivational preferences of online wrestling consumers (N = 451) to provide a core foundation for the development of strategies to enhance interest in the college-wrestling product. In addition to illustrating that online consumers responded most favorably to the sport-related wrestling motives, the data also supported the notion that the motivational preferences of consumers varied when focusing on the demographic information of participants.

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Craig Parkes and Michael A. Hemphill

-Smith, 2016 ). The influence of PTs orientations on their learning during PETE has led to the recommendation that programs should ideally only enroll teaching oriented recruits ( Curtner-Smith, 2009 ). However, during the current climate of low undergraduate enrollments and PETE program elimination ( SHAPE

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Thomas J. Templin, Kim C. Graber and K. Andrew R. Richards

long and hard over name changes, restructuring, and program elimination, physical education as it existed in colleges and universities 20–30 years ago is vastly different today. In retrospect, change was inevitable. As state dollars for higher education across the nation decreased, there was increased

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Ray Gamache

certitude, added unnecessary delays, and resulted in an abdication of responsibility by the games’ arbiters. Striking the right balance of using replay to review spatial-temporal disputes and to review decisive, game-changing calls is critical for the success of any replay program. Eliminating all