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Thomas Patrick Oates

This essay identifies an emerging form of pleasure offered to fans of elite football. I name this mode of engagement “vicarious management” and focus on its emergence in National Football League (NFL) related products of fantasy football, media coverage of the NFL draft, and the video game Madden NFL. Through an analysis of sports marketing literature and promotional materials provided for consumers by ESPN and EA Sports, the article posits that the emergence of vicarious management is overdetermined by emerging financial opportunities in media culture and ideological instabilities within race and masculinity. I identify how vicarious management offers new opportunities for integrating and expanding corporate reach while constructing masculine athletic subjectivity in ways that addresses deeply felt anxieties in White masculinity.

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Mark Lowes and Christopher Robillard

innovative in their coverage, media organizations attempt to repackage traditional coverage in new ways. Whereas sport journalists once had privileged access to athletes and organizational officials and a platform to establish their voice, digital and social media have leveled the playing field. Audiences

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Robert J. Lake

study aimed to show how the practices and customs considered Wimbledon “traditions” show strong connections to Hobsbawm’s model. Some are age-old but have been recently repackaged with added meaning as a consequence of the sport’s rampant globalization, commercialization, and professionalization

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Aubrey Newland, Rich Gitelson and W. Eric Legg

that grit was an original concept, not simply a repackaging of previous constructs. A shorter version of the grit scale was later validated by Duckworth and Quinn ( 2009 ), comprised of eight items and titled the Grit-S, which was used in the present study. However, more recent studies have questioned

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Lynley Ingerson and Michael L. Naraine

Australia (TA), helping these organizations re-package aspects of culture and rebuild their public profile. He relished the challenge of developing credibility and trustworthiness as part of a sport organization’s corporate culture. More specifically, he was able to demonstrate how an organization was able

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Hans C. Rasmussen

became just another lively historical embellishment for a Crescent City tourism industry that had emerged near the end of the nineteenth century by repackaging a formerly contentious Creole culture more favorably as romantic and mysterious. In the same vein, the WPA writers carelessly credited white

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Pirkko Markula

dancers. Consequently, despite the attempts to repackage dance as economically viable popular entertainment for the television industry, 7 there is no dance industry, to speak of, to support the dancers’ careers. Therefore, the brief exposure to large television audiences does not secure career

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Kenneth Sean Chaplin and Jeffrey Montez de Oca

.1177/0193723507307814 Oates , T.P. ( 2009 ). New media and the repackaging of NFL fandom . Sociology of Sport Journal, 26 , 31 – 49 . doi:10.1123/ssj.26.1.31 10.1123/ssj.26.1.31 Omi , M. , & Winant , H. ( 1994 ). Racial formations in the United States . New York, NY : Routledge . Perrin , D. ( 2016

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Jules Woolf and Jess C. Dixon

the candidate’s work experience, time spent in other departments, and tenure with the agency—facts that were equivalent across candidates, yet were repackaged as points of differentiation from other candidates. Furthermore, each candidate’s current department affiliation (i.e., marketing