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Weimo Zhu and Ang Chen

One of the most important legacies and contributions that Catherine D. Ennis made is her line of research on physical education teachers’ value orientations. This specific research line and associated scholarship stemmed from developing the well-known Value Orientation Inventory (VOI; Chen, Ennis

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Liz Wanless and Jeffrey L. Stinson

. The results created new insights for this research line and justified the inclusion of the practitioner’s perspective. Descriptive Statistics Descriptive statistics are included in Table  2 . This section demonstrates not only the nature of the variables in this study, but also how the variable

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Simone Ciaccioni, Laura Capranica, Roberta Forte, Helmi Chaabene, Caterina Pesce and Giancarlo Condello

relevant physical and psychological effects of judo training in an older population, the present study presented a new and promising research line on judo and the evaluation of judo training. To assist coaches, physical trainers, and teachers, this research aimed to provide useful information for

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Duane Knudson

different database(s) and metrics. If this candidate works with large groups of collaborators/co-authors, productivity could be examined with raw ( p ) and individualized ( p h ) publication data indexed from a large science database like Scopus. Judgments of the scholarly usage of the candidate’s research

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Geoffrey T. Burns, Kenneth M. Kozloff and Ronald F. Zernicke

underlies optimal control theory and modeling, a research line widely used in the biomechanics field to simulate and predict movement patterns. Optimal control theory has been used to explore myriad forms of optimized movement efficiency including running ( Miller & Hamill, 2015 ; Miller, Umberger, Hamill

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Yilin Li and Weidong Li

understanding of the ethic of care in physical education and raise awareness of this important research line among researchers, thus encouraging more research endeavors in the future. It can also provide a foundation knowledge base for young scholars to pursue research in this area by discussing the historical

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Bram Constandt, Els De Waegeneer and Annick Willem

exploratory research, the aim of our study was to take a first step in establishing a research line, rather than offering a complete and integral overview. Forthcoming ethical leadership research in a sport context is strongly advised to include other sports, nations, and professional clubs. This suggestion