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A Different Treatment of Sports in the Media: The Use of Parody in the French Program Les Guignols de l’Info

Sylvain Cubizolles

This article studies the progress of sports media coverage through a new form of headline treatment: parody. It presents the analysis of a corpus including the “best of” from the satiric program Les Guignols de l’Info. This program has been broadcast each evening on the French television channel Canal+ since 1989. The study is based on 265 sketches from 1990 to 2006 and asks the central questions of caricatures in the sports world: what they represent and what they assess. A list of appearances of the various puppets on the show is presented. The central figure of the sports world at Les Guignols de l’Info is the champion who is finally judged—through his or her different attributed caricature traits—on the core value of his or her authenticity. Although it criticizes the world of sports, Les Guignols redeems these sport champions.

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The Kraken Awakens: Exploring the Digital Launch of a New Sport Team Brand During a Global Pandemic

Cole G. Armstrong, Melissa Davies, Matthew Blaszka, and Ann Pegoraro

Sport Communication, 3 ( 4 ), 395 – 401 . Boukes , M. ( 2019 ). Agenda-setting with satire: How political satire increased TTIP’s saliency on the public, media, and political agenda . Political Communication, 36 ( 3 ), 426 – 451 .

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“They’ve Never Played the Game”: “Cool Sports Girls,” Gender Inequality, and Garbage Time in Sports Punditry

Taylor M. Henry

finally back on television and everything is better . Medium . Banet-Weiser , S. ( 2018 ). Empowered: Popular feminism and popular misogyny . Duke University

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Sport, Activism, and Ethics: Historiographical Perspectives

Douglas Booth

coherent story, the creation of which involves aligning the parts into a whole and resolving any tensions between, or contradictions within, the parts ( Haskell, 1998 ). Critically, a narrative contains a plot, a mode of organizing the evidence as a genre of story (e.g., romance, tragedy, comedy, satire

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Making a Case for Sport as Avant-Garde

Robert E. Rinehart

parody and satire continue. Though many of the characteristics apply more generally to a modernist avant-garde, some critics—as I am doing—have proposed that this historical avant-garde exists, bringing it into a contemporary and future cultural space. Originally intended to be elitist, “today

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How About Playing Games as a Career? The Evolution of E-Sports in the Eyes of Mainstream Media and Public Relations

Jue Hou, Xiaoxu Yang, and Elliot Panek

possible that in a few cases, such as satire, positive words could be intentionally used to transmit negative meaning and vice versa ( Parveen & Deshmukh, 2017 ). Thus, the judgment of the contextual tone would also play a crucial part in terms of determining the overall tone of the coverage. Similar

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Television Sport Journalism at the UEFA Euro 2016 Championships: A Comparison of Live Commentary From Four Countries

Thomas Horky, Marianna Baranovskaa, Christoph G. Grimmer, Honorata Jakubowska, and Barbara Stelzner

guests) 15 Comedy, satire 16 Lottery (sometimes promotional: perhaps viewers can win something) 17 Program presentation (event trailer, World Cup trailer) 18 Advertising (disclosed block of advertising clips) 19 Other (e.g., news) 20 Time Duration of sequence Duration in seconds The second analytical

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Rose-Colored Glasses: Competing Media Perceptions of the Pete Rose Betting Scandal

Craig Greenham

readers that aside from some mild morning radio show jabs, Rose’s banishment drew no sustained criticism or satire on the air waves. The Post reported, “Local radio stations toyed gently with the Rose story on Friday [August 25, 1989], passing up opportunities to go for the jugular in case that didn

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“Saturdays Are For The Boys”: Barstool Sports and the Cultural Politics of White Fratriarchy in Contemporary America

Kyle Kusz and Matthew R. Hodler

seriously due to their absurdity, we must remember that contemporary far-right racial ideas and affect are packaged, disseminated, and normalized as ironic humor and satire ( Falcous et al., 2019 ; Marantz, 2019 ; Neiwert, 2017 ; Stern, 2019 ). Uncoincidentally, in “Howitzergate,” the State is embodied