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Ann L. Gibson, Vivian H. Heyward and Christine M. Mermier

This study assessed the predictive accuracy of a new hand-held, segmental, bioimpedance (BI) analyzer in estimating the relative body fat (%BF) of a sample of 25 men and 23 women (18–55 years, 7.0 to 42.8%BFHW). The reference method was hydrostatic weighing (HW) at residual lung volume. The %BF estimates obtained from manufacturer’s (Omron) gender-specific equations were cross-validated. There were high validity coefficients (ry,y=.91 and .83, for men and women, respectively), moderate prediction errors (SEE = 3.46%, E = 3.64%BF for men; SEE = 4.04%, E = 3.87%BF for women), and no significant difference (p >.05) between the average %BFHW and %BFOmron for women (21.8% vs. 2I.6%BF, respectively). For men, there was a small but significant (p < .05) difference in %BFHW (18.7%) and %BFOmron (20.1 %). For both men and women, the line of identity did not differ significantly (p > .05) from the line of best fit. The Omron® BI equations accurately estimated the %BF of 72% of the men and 65% of the women in this sample within ±3.5%BF. Therefore, use of the Omron® BI analyzer is suitable for assessing the %BF of adults having demographic characteristics similar to those of this sample.

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Nathan F. Meier, Yang Bai, Chong Wang and Duck-chul Lee

fat (%BF), bone mineral content, and bone mineral density. The DXA machine was calibrated daily using the manufacturer-provided phantom spine segment. Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis The direct segmental multifrequency BIA was performed using the InBody 720 device (InBody USA dba Biospace, Cerritos

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Tori M. Stone, Jonathan E. Wingo, Brett S. Nickerson and Michael R. Esco

.T. ( 2008 ). Body composition: Validity of segmental bioelectrical impedance analysis . Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 17 ( 4 ), 586 – 591 . PubMed ID: 19114394 Lang , T.F. ( 2011 ). The bone-muscle relationship in men and women . Journal of Osteoporosis, 2011 , 1 – 4 . doi:10

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Ian M. Greenlund, Piersan E. Suriano, Steven J. Elmer, Jason R. Carter and John J. Durocher

training increases basal production of nitric oxide from the forearm . Am J Physiol . 1997 ; 272 ( 3 Pt 2 ): H1070 – 1077 . PubMed ID: 9087577 9087577 14. Ward LC . Segmental bioelectrical impedance analysis: an update . Curr Opin Clin Nutr Metab Care . 2012 ; 15 ( 5 ): 424 – 429 . PubMed ID

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Brett D. Tarca, Thomas P. Wycherley, Paul Bennett, Anthony Meade and Katia E. Ferrar

, Andreacci JL . The effect of acute fluid consumption on measures of impedance and percent body fat estimated using segmental bioelectrical impedance analysis . Eur J Clin Nutr . 2009 ; 63 ( 9 ): 1115 – 1122 . PubMed ID: 19536161 doi:10.1038/ejcn.2009.42 19536161 10.1038/ejcn.2009.42 87. Jain AK