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Chantal Amade-Escot

This article examines the critical didactic incidents (CDIs) method used by European researchers in didactics. Originally designed by Flanagan (1954) in psychology, the CDIs method is based on qualitative accounts and analysis of critical moments in the teaching process when content is brought into play. The article reviews the use of critical incidents in educational research and then focuses on the epistemological aspect of its recasting in didactics. Criteria and guidelines for using the method are described, as well as some tenets for interpretation. The description emphasizes the fact that the CDIs method is anchored in a concern for developing depth of understanding of a particular phenomenon: the dynamics of the implicit negotiations between teacher and students regarding content issues and the co-construction of meanings that undergirds classroom interactions.

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Daniel S. Mason

Although initially developed as cartels of independently owned and operated clubs joining to produce a sports product for spectator consumption, professional sports leagues have emerged as monopolies wielding significant economic power. By increasing revenue-sharing practices, and thus attempting to align owner interests, leagues have become single-business entities that maximize wealth for the league as a whole. Over the past four decades, the National Football League has implemented such practices to become the most popular team sport in North America. Using agency theory, this paper examines how the NFL's former commissioner, Pete Rozelle, and the League Executive Committee used these practices in order to increase League revenues and decrease opportunistic behavior by team owners. However, certain owners continue to act entrepreneurially, to the detriment of the League as a whole. This behavior is congruent with the tenets of agency theory, which contend that interests will diverge within a principal-agent relationship (e.g., the NFL— NFL teams). Until such time that team owners realize that the welfare of the other League clubs, along with their competitive equality, is paramount in retaining interest in and producing the League product, professional sports leagues will continue to be plagued with problems such as unnecessary franchise relocations and other acts of maverick owners.

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Tan Leng Goh and Kristin Scrabis-Fletcher

. Over time, a shared practice evolves through sustained interaction as CoPs develop an exclusive and personal set of resources, experiences, and strategies to overcome recurring problems ( Parker et al., 2010 ). Although 1-day PAL workshops are useful in introducing teachers to the implementation of

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K. Andrew R. Richards, Chad M. Killian, Christopher J. Kinder, Kaizeen Badshah and Casey Cushing

immediacy and the ability to personalize content engagement have positioned Twitter as a popular grassroots arena 1 for teacher CPD ( Goodyear et al., 2014 ). In this environment, teachers engage “with far-flung networks of education professionals who exchange ideas about their shared practices and values

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Stewart Cotterill

governing board (NGB). Part of these proposed CPD developments included the development of stronger communication links between the NGB practitioners and the individuals working in specific clubs. For example, Participant 2 suggested, I think obviously sharing practice is important, but how do you do that

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April Karlinsky and Nicola J. Hodges

the whole-task alone (e.g.,  Shebilske et al., 1992 ). In effect, the shared practice protocol afforded a 100% increase in training efficiency, as two people could be trained in the time it took to train one. However, Space Fortress is a unique task that affords a clear distribution of

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Amy Waters, Elissa Phillips, Derek Panchuk and Andrew Dawson

(Melbourne, Australia) and the Australian Institute of Sport. She is focusing on the interactions and knowledge sharing practices of coaches and sport scientists in the elite sport environment. Andrew Dawson is a senior lecturer and research fellow in Sport Coaching at Victoria University based in Melbourne

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Diane M. Culver, Penny Werthner and Pierre Trudel

. Developing athletic abilities 9 The NCCP is a ‘multi-sports programme’, which means that coaches from different sports may attend the same modules with the advantage of sharing practices across sports and contexts ( Nelson et al., 2013 ). However, in an attempt to respond to a request from several of the

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Camilla J. Knight

(e.g.,  Dorsch et al., 2016 ; Thrower et al., 2017 ; Richards & Winter, 2013 ). Papers reflecting on the challenges researchers and practitioners have encountered when seeking to implement and evaluate interventions with parents and sharing practices that have been both successful or unsuccessful

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Weidong Li, Xiuye Xie and Huanyu Li

from this perspective is essentially a process of social transformation with “the changing relations between newcomers and old-timers in the context of a changing shared practice” (p. 49). With the increasing act in the community, learners evolutionally and continuously renew the sets of relations