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Carrie W. LeCrom, Brendan Dwyer, and Gregory Greenhalgh

; Warren, 2012 ). Additionally, in an ever-expanding global workplace, the value of global education is increasing, with study abroad courses gaining in popularity ( “Open Doors Fast Facts,” 2017 ). Former deans at Harvard University, Lagemann and Lewis ( 2012 ), noted an important need for universities to

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Stefan Ward, Heidi Henschel Pellett, and Mark I. Perez


The purpose of this study was to explore preservice teachers’ experiences of cognitive disequilibrium (CD) theory during a service-learning project in a study abroad experience.


A case study with 8 participants was used. Data sources consisted of: Formal interviews, videos of planning, videos of teaching, videos of reflection sessions, and informal interviews. Data were analyzed utilizing open and axial coding (Corbin & Strauss, 2008). Trustworthiness strategies included: prolonged engagement, multiple data source triangulation, and member checks.


Results indicated four themes: “We made it our own thing”, “Summer camp for teachers”, “Struggle and disequilibrium”, and “By the end it was a transformation”.


CD was ultimately positive for these students. The positive resolution of CD catalyzed a transformative effect on their perceptions of their teaching. This was supported by positive peer interaction.

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Carrie LeCrom, Brendan Dwyer, Gregory Greenhalgh, Chad Goebert, and Jennifer Gellock

in this international industry” ( Danylchuk, Doherty, Nicholson, & Stewart, 2008 , p. 127). Offering a study abroad course is one step, among many, in a move to globalize a curriculum. Across the United States, the number of students studying abroad is increasing. More than 330,000 American students

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Daniel L. Springer, Arden J. Anderson, Stuart M. Dixon, Stacy M. Warner, and Marlene A. Dixon

university campuses provide numerous options to achieve such ends, ranging from formal (e.g., global/international courses, study abroad programs) to informal educational opportunities (e.g., interacting with international students, staff, or faculty, attending campus events; Soria & Troisi, 2014

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M. Susan Guyer

Edited by Malissa Martin

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Carrie LeCrom and Michael Naylor

global industry by recruiting international scholars, offering study abroad courses and international internships, using technology to connect to people across the globe, and adapting curricula to prepare students for a global marketplace. However, little has been published to date on the impact and

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Jacob K. Tingle, Callum Squires, and Randall Griffiths

This case follows four American college students from a small, Liberal Arts institution during a semester-long, faculty-led study abroad trip to London, England. The case presents the experiences of these students as they integrate into London society. Mainly viewed through the lens of sport, the students encounter many differences to their preconceived notion of how sports work, providing an obvious platform for discussion and comparison of how sport is organized in different parts of the world. Specifically, the case offers students the opportunity to learn about new sports they may not have encountered before, evaluate the U.S. system of sport management, and suggest ways to improve sports both at home and abroad. The international aspect of this case also provides an added cultural element by focusing on specific events in the United Kingdom sporting calendar that can be used to teach students about another country’s sporting identity.

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Jennifer M. Jacobs, Karisa L. Kuipers, K. Andrew R. Richards, and Paul M. Wright

opportunities for immersion, exposure, and interaction with people across different cultures ( LeCrom et al., 2018 ). Oftentimes, these experiences are conceptualized as study abroad programs or international service learning trips. The benefits of these types of international experiences for students are vast

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Programs: No Longer a Luxury, But a Necessity W. James (Jim) Weese * 05 10 2020 1 10 2020 14 2 79 84 10.1123/smej.2019-0044 smej.2019-0044 Comparing Elements of Study Abroad Among Sport Management Students Carrie LeCrom * Brendan Dwyer * Gregory Greenhalgh * Chad Goebert * Jennifer Gellock * 22

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Management Faculty Members Sarah Stokowski * Bo Li * Benjamin D. Goss * Shelby Hutchens * Megan Turk * 1 10 2018 12 2 80 89 10.1123/smej.2017-0011 smej.2017-0011 Study Abroad’s Impact on U.S. Sport Management Students Carrie W. LeCrom * Brendan Dwyer * Gregory Greenhalgh * 1 10 2018 12 2 90