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Brian P. McCullough, Madeleine Orr and Timothy Kellison

; Mallen, Stevens, & Adams, 2011 ; Trendafilova & McCullough, 2018 ), academic texts ( Casper & Pfahl, 2015a ; McCullough & Kellison, 2018 ), or siloed lines of research. This lack of cohesion stands in contrast to other subdisciplines of sport management, such as sport marketing and sport tourism, that

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Mark Urtel, Sara F. Michaliszyn and Craig Stiemsma

subdisciplines of kinesiology, including sport history, exercise science, sport and exercise psychology, motor development, motor learning, exercise physiology, sports medicine, sport biomechanics, sport philosophy, sport sociology, physical education pedagogy, adapted physical activity, and sport management

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Dominic Malcolm

, and the opportunities available to, sociology (of sport) as an academic (sub-)discipline. SRC is indicative of both the expanding imperative of health ( Lupton, 1995 ) and the increasing prominence of medicine and health within sports science ( Malcolm, 2014 ). It resonates with the “crisis” which has

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Werner F. Helsen, Nikola Medic, Janet L. Starkes and Andrew M. Williams

the age of peak performance ( Allen & Hopkins, 2015 ; Nikolaidis, Di Gangi, & Knechtle, 2018 ) within various track and field subdisciplines, we explored if the constituent year effect among Masters athletes is moderated by the track subdiscipline, as well as by age ( Medic et al., 2009a ). It was

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K. Andrew R. Richards, Colin G. Pennington and Oleg A. Sinelnikov

with recommendations for the field of kinesiology more generally. As noted previously, PE is the only kinesiology subdiscipline to have undertaken targeted inquiry into socialization processes. While there are notable differences across the diverse field of kinesiology, the research reviewed in this

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Sandra J. Shultz and Randy J. Schmitz

tremendous opportunity for collaborations across kinesiology subdisciplines to address the following important questions: Are we targeting the right risk factors; are we using the most effective training and rehabilitation approaches to ensure learning, retention, and transference of the training response

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Carrie W. LeCrom and Tiesha Martin

Sport for development (SFD) has gained traction over the past several decades, establishing itself as a subdiscipline within sport management research, noted by the increase of journal publications on SFD since 2000 ( Schulenkorf, Sherry, & Rowe, 2016 ). SFD programs are wide and varied, cutting

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Brad D. Hatfield and Daniel M. Landers

An area of inquiry that has largely been ignored in scientific studies in the field of sport psychology/motor performance is the subdiscipline of psychology called psychophysiology. This subdiscipline, which is concerned with inferences of psychological processes and emotional states from an examination of physiological measures, is rich in methodological and theoretical insights that could improve research and practice within sport psychology/motor performance. The current methodological and theoretical issues in psychophysiology are first reviewed and then specifically related to recent sport studies that demonstrate their applicability to the enhancement of both theoretical and applied aspects of sport.

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Carole A. Oglesby

This paper describes and examines the feminist world view as a state of consciousness, which informs the scholarly and professional work of those who hold it. The context of the paper is the relatively unrecognized contribution of feminist women in the sport sciences, particularly in the 1950-1975 formative period in the subdiscipline of sport psychology. The peculiar absence of women in the mainstream histories of sport psychology is explored and a cohort of women contributors is presented.