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Ezequiel Morsella, Anthony G. Velasquez, Jessica K. Yankulova, Yanming Li, Christina Y. Wong and Dennis Lambert

with poor memory might go ahead and scratch an itchy sunburn, because the conscious content associated with the doctor’s recommendation to not scratch the sunburn was forgotten and not present in the conscious field during action selection. Thus, it is important for the conscious field to include all

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Nancy Quinn, Laura Misener and P. David Howe

atmosphere. Kory and I stood together, leaning against the fence, observing the pool area, enjoying the scene. The detritus of inflatable flamingos could be seen, and sun-burned athletes were the norm. Kory was a tall, distinguished male athlete with lower limb amputation. As the sun was closing out the day

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Dain TePoel

unprepared for the desert weather extremities the March encountered and that many ended up with sunburns and frostbite. 72 Jerry Rubin recalled being one of the twelve marchers who stumbled into camp in a stupor. He claimed, I was on the verge of hypothermia . . . wandering around in the dark, no flashlight

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D. Enette Larson-Meyer, Kathleen Woolf and Louise Burke

(iron); spots, dryness, night blindness (vitamin A) Allergies, non-nutritional anemia Lips Smooth, pinkish Dry, cracked or with sores in corners (e.g., angular cheilosis) (B vitamins) Sunburn, windburn, lip licking, excessive salivation Mouth Pinkish-red tongue (without swelling), sense of taste, gums

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Mallory Mann and Vikki Krane

all I could think of was, “Wow, we all did this, we finished!” You know, our hands are bleeding, we’re tired, we’re sunburned, I have saltwater in my eyes, saltwater in my bleeding hands, this oar – I just want to get this oar out of my hands as soon as possible, but everybody behind me feels the