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Kelsey L. Boulé and Courtney W. Mason

management, and as a tourist activity. Previous studies have investigated the history of sport hunting, 7 the sustainability of land and animal resources, 8 and the effects of hunting tourism on the environment and local economies. 9 Although some research highlights the motivational factors that entice

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Brian P. McCullough, Madeleine Orr, and Timothy Kellison

. They have done so through the lenses of sport sustainability ( Chard & Mallen, 2012 ; Kellison & Hong, 2015 ; Mallen, Adams, Stevens, & Thompson, 2010 ), corporate social responsibility ( Casper, Pfahl, & McSherry, 2012 ; Inoue & Kent, 2012a , 2012b ; Trendafilova et al., 2014 ), and sport

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Jamee A. Pelcher and Brian P. McCullough

This past April 22 (Earth Day), Smallville University (SU) President Williams expanded the campus’ environmental sustainability commitment by mandating that all departments on campus must have a strategic plan in place to address their respective environmental impacts by 2020 to establish specific

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Haylee U. Mercado and John Grady

Sustainability in higher education has become a subject that has generated growing interest at an unprecedented rate over the last 5 years ( Barber, Deale, & Goodman, 2011 ). As Moore ( 2005 ) noted, “there is a need to envision what a ‘sustainable’ university might look like, including visions of

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jay johnson and Adam Ehsan Ali

turn, the organization has won numerous awards for its efforts towards more sustainable operating practices. Most recently, this included earning the 2015 Green Power Leadership Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its strategy, leadership, and impact on the “green power market

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Alessia Longo and Ruud Meulenbroek

flexibility. This study was set up to examine how movement variability changes in healthy participants during sustained bimanual reaching under controlled precision conditions, in particular with regard to movement time (MT), end-point variability, approximate entropy (ApEn), and standard deviation (SD) of

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Brian P. McCullough, Madeleine Orr, and Nicholas M. Watanabe

demonstrates a commitment on behalf of these organizations to support the Paris Agreement and work toward solutions to reduce the effects of human activity on the natural environment (i.e., climate change). The sport sector is not exempt from the responsibility to address environmental sustainability ( Sartore

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Göran Kenttä, Marte Bentzen, Kristen Dieffenbach, and Peter Olusoga

High-performance (HP) coaching is a demanding profession that challenges mental health and sustainability in the profession ( Didymus, 2017 ). Coaches face constant pressure related to performance expectations, along with the perennial threat of negative consequences such as funding cuts and job

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Stefan Walzel, Jonathan Robertson, and Christos Anagnostopoulos

), (d) different forms of CSR engagement, such as environmental sustainability ( Inoue & Kent, 2012a , 2012b ; Trendafilova, Babiak, & Heinze, 2013 ) and community development ( Trendafilova et al., 2017 ), and (e) perceptions and attitudes of key stakeholders, such as consumers ( Blumrodt, Bryson

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Justin B. Hollander, Ann Sussman, Peter Lowitt, Neil Angus, and Minyu Situ

Traditional transportation planning tends to focus on the mobility of vehicles rather than on opportunities to encourage the use of sustainable transport modes, like walking. Today, transportation planning focuses on the newest ways to balance the sustainable relationship between human beings and