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Desmond McEwan, Bruno D. Zumbo, Mark A. Eys, and Mark R. Beauchamp

Teamwork is often noted as an important variable within the vernacular of sport. Coaches frequently emphasize the importance of players working together, with athletes similarly attributing team outcomes to the extent to which they work well with their teammates. Despite this seeming importance of

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Dustin A. Hahn, Matthew S. VanDyke, and R. Glenn Cummins

fantasy sport audiences for quite some time ( Tedesco, 1997 ). Likewise, advances in technology employed in the production of sport broadcasts have altered the onscreen presentation of sports to include information about individual players, teams, scores, and more via on-screen graphics ( Nachman

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John Harris and Mark Lyberger

The Ryder Cup is undoubtedly the biggest and most prestigious team competition in golf but has received little attention from scholars with an interest in sport communication. This commentary examines print- and electronic-media accounts of the 2006 event and looks at how the Ryder Cup is used to (re)present images of the U.S. nation. The analysis highlights how the defeat was positioned within a broader narrative of a supposed “crisis” in U.S. sport and was also linked to a discourse of larger cultural decline.

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Mark W. Bruner, Mark Eys, Jeremie M. Carreau, Colin McLaren, and Rachel Van Woezik

foundation of knowledge documenting the personal and team outcomes associated with athletes engaged in task-cohesive and socially cohesive groups (see Eys & Brawley, 2018 , for a review). Given the considerable benefits of this emergent group property, examining how to effectively enhance cohesion in teams

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Sadjad Soltanzadeh and Mitchell Mooney

( Gianni, D’Ambrogio, & Tolk, 2014 ; Sage & Armstrong 2000 ), physics ( Makarov 2014 ), science and technology studies ( Latour, 1992 ), and in modelling and evaluating team performance and injury management in sport ( Hulme & Finch 2015 ; Mooney, Charlton, Soltanzadeh, & Drew, 2017 ; Soltanzadeh

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Cornelia Frank, Gian-Luca Linstromberg, Linda Hennig, Thomas Heinen, and Thomas Schack

Success in team sports heavily depends on individuals acting together in a coordinated fashion toward a common goal (for reviews, see Araújo & Bourbousson, 2016 ; Eccles & Tenenbaum, 2004 ; Eccles, & Tran Turner, 2014 ; Schmidt, Fitzpatrick, Caron, & Mergeche, 2011 ; Sebanz, Bekkering

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Levi Heimans, Wouter R. Dijkshoorn, Marco J.M. Hoozemans, and Jos J. de Koning

value of drafting is explicitly addressed during a team pursuit in track cycling. In this Olympic discipline, 4 cyclists try to cover a distance of 4000 m together, as fast as possible. The team members benefit from each other by means of rotations of the first cyclist to the fourth position every 250 m

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Craig Hyatt, Chris Chard, and Shannon Kerwin

After three decades of being a minor league affiliate for various Major League Baseball (MLB) teams, the Campton Hills Crushers were informed, in December 2020, that they would no longer be part of any big-league team’s farm system. They were not alone. In an attempt to reduce costs and exert

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Henry Wear and Bob Heere

, 2008 ; Gladden & Funk, 2002 ; Kunkel, Funk, & King, 2014 ; Ross, 2006 , 2007 ), we still know little of how marketers can develop a new brand ( Grant, Heere, & Dickson, 2011 ; Kunkel, Doyle, Funk, Du, & McDonald, 2016 ). The study of new sport teams has received increasing focus in the sport

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Patrick Ward, Aaron J. Coutts, Ricard Pruna, and Alan McCall

and the team as a collective. The gold standard is likely to follow an evidence-led approach 1 , 2 using the integration of coaching expertise, athlete values, and the best relevant research evidence into the decision-making process for the day-to-day service delivery to players. 2 The aim of this