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Anson B. Rosenfeldt, Amanda L. Penko, Andrew S. Bazyk, Matthew C. Streicher, Tanujit Dey, and Jay L. Alberts

duration. Treadmill training is a common intervention to improve gait dysfunction in individuals with PD. When walking on a treadmill, individuals with PD display increased stride length, increased cadence, and reduced gait variability compared with overground walking at the same velocity ( Bello, Sanchez

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Roland van den Tillaar, Erna von Heimburg, and Guro Strøm Solli

frequently used exercise tests in exercise physiology and sport science. 5 The traditional and frequently used protocol to measure VO 2 max is the graded exercise test (GXT) performed as a fixed incremental stepwise test to exhaustion, typically performed on a motorized treadmill. 6 However, this

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Yuri de Almeida Costa Campos, Jeferson M. Vianna, Miller P. Guimarães, Hiago L.R. Souza, Raúl Domínguez, Jefferson S. Novaes, Luis F.M. Leitão, Sandro F. Silva, and Victor M. Reis

aimed to identify AnT through the LT determined by D max (LTD max ) and RPET by D max (RPETD max ) and, to evaluate the agreement and correlation between LTD max and RPETD max during an incremental test performed on the treadmill in long-distance runners. The authors hypothesized that LTD max and

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Mahin Aghdaei, Alireza Farsi, Maryam Khalaji, and Jared Porter

. Participants ran on a treadmill at 75% of their maximum treadmill speed. Runners were instructed to focus their attention on their breathing while running, running movements, or the amount of distance they had traveled. Those conditions were then compared with a control measure in which no attention focusing

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Alexandra S. Voloshina and Daniel P. Ferris

, some experiments have modified existing treadmills either by attaching discrete obstacles or even by creating a continuous balance beam using a set of narrow blocks. 13 , 14 However, discrete perturbations on a treadmill do not allow for measurements of steady-state dynamics and are not suitable for

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Heather K. Vincent, Laura A. Zdziarski, Kyle Fallgatter, Giorgio Negron, Cong Chen, Trevor Leavitt, MaryBeth Horodyski, Joseph G. Wasser, and Kevin R. Vincent

.2) Weekly distance, km 41.2 (15.6) Self-selected running speed, km/h 10.4 (1.2) Note: Values are expressed as mean (SD) except as indicated in first row. Study Procedures Participants performed a single testing session of treadmill running on a dual-belt instrumented treadmill (AMTI, Watertown, MA). A

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Rebekah Lynn, Rebekah Pfitzer, Rebecca R. Rogers, Christopher G. Ballmann, Tyler D. Williams, and Mallory R. Marshall

Charge HR 2, ActiGraph, and Apple Watch devices would underestimate the number of steps ambulated while performing various tasks (e.g., walking with hands fixed on a stroller, shopping cart, and the front rails of a treadmill as well as walking while holding multiple grocery bags and carrying a baby doll

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Hillary H. Holmes, Randall T. Fawcett, and Jaimie A. Roper

Faster overground walking speeds have been observed compared with treadmill walking speeds. 1 – 3 Fixed-speed treadmill walking can also be less variable compared with overground walking, which may influence motor control and adaptability. 4 – 6 This may be due to fixed-speed treadmills operating

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Brandon M. DeSantis, Victor R. Kalman, and Steven Browne

postprocedure. 5 , 14 – 18 Even though that range is fairly large, a survey conducted by Rath et al. 16 of 26 arthroscopy surgeons at the International Society for Hip Arthroscopy in 2015 identified that most protocols allow for running at the 3- to 4-month time point. The antigravity treadmill (Alter-G) has

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Jaimie A. Roper, Ryan T. Roemmich, Mark D. Tillman, Matthew J. Terza, and Chris J. Hass

may thus also affect the control of frontal plane motion. 7 However, it is unknown how frontal plane gait mechanics change when the speeds of each leg are manipulated independently rather than simultaneously. Split-belt treadmill walking is a rehabilitation intervention that allows researchers to