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Jumpei Mizuno, Masashi Kawamura and Minoru Hoshiyama

’s action, interpretation of the action may vary with different visual perspectives, that is, the relative location of one’s own body to the body of the person performing the action. Although there have been numerous studies concerning MNS in humans, little is known about how MNS is influenced by different

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Bruce D. Hale

Mahoney and Avener's (1977) categorization of imagery into “internal” (first-person visual and kinesthetic) and “external” (third-person visual) perspectives suggested a viable means to quantifiably test Jacobson's (1931) finding that “visualizing” a biceps “curl” produced only ocular responses while “muscularly imagining” the same movement just generated localized biceps activity. A significant within-subjects main effect (p < .001) revealed that the internal imagery condition produced more integrated biceps activity than the external imagery condition as predicted by Lang's (1979) bio-informational theory of emotional imagery.

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Nichola Callow, Dan Jiang, Ross Roberts and Martin G. Edwards

; Hardy & Callow, 1999 ) with the visual modality being further separated into two visual imagery perspectives. These two visual perspectives are external visual imagery (EVI) perspective (where the imaginer watches him- or herself performing the action from an observer’s position, as if watching him- or

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Stewart T. Cotterill

of visual perspective and feedback guidance for free throw training in virtual reality . IEEE Computer Graphics and Applicants, 35 ( 5 ), 55 – 65 . 10.1109/MCG.2015.95 Craig , C. ( 2013 ). Understanding perception and action in sport: How can virtual reality technology help? Sports

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James E. Johnson

presentations. The significance of the photovoice project allows one to see the images and discern community needs from a visual perspective, similar to the way quotes may be used in an interview to describe a particular phenomenon ( Latz, 2017 ). The end-of-project community celebration allowed community

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Melissa Hunfalvay and Nicholas Murray

(although have options to allow the ball to bounce twice) and have the same standardized courts, same surfaces, and same equipment as bipeds. However, they vary in their visual perspective of their opponent. As a biped player, the person looks over and above the net; by contrast, the WC tennis player looks

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John Pates and Kieran Kingston

.3389/fpsyg.2017.01109 10.3389/fpsyg.2017.01109 Libby , L.K. , Shaeffer , E.M. , Eibach , R.P. , & Slemmer , J.A. ( 2007 ). Picture yourself at the polls—Visual perspective in mental imagery affects self-perception and behavior . Psychological Science, 18 ( 3 ), 199 – 203 . PubMed ID: 17444910

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Nicolas Robin, Lucette Toussaint, Eric Joblet, Emmanuel Roublot and Guillaume R. Coudevylle

of Sosovec ( 2004 ), who observed the absence of an MI (internal visual perspective) effect on penalty kicks, and those of other authors who revealed inconsistencies in their results to depending of the ages of elite soccer players ( Seif-Barghi et al., 2012 ) or the positions played during