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Adilson Santos Andrade de Sousa, Marilia A. Correia, Breno Quintella Farah, Glauco Saes, Antônio Eduardo Zerati, Pedro Puech-Leao, Nelson Wolosker, Gabriel G. Cucato and Raphael M. Ritti-Dias

reduces walking capacity and daily physical activity levels ( Sieminski & Gardner, 1997 ), leading to a progressive deconditioning cycle that impairs aerobic ( Ritti-Dias et al., 2009 ) and muscle ( Basyches et al., 2009 ) functions and affects the quality of life ( Menêses et al., 2011 ). Increasing

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Marcus J. Brown, Laura A. Hutchinson, Michael J. Rainbow, Kevin J. Deluzio and Alan R. De Asha

During a laboratory-based collection of overground gait data, for both clinical and research purposes, participants will typically complete a series of repeated, individual trials that involve walking through a motion capture volume. Each trial begins with a gait initiation, contains a limited

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Mhairi K. MacLean and Daniel P. Ferris

successful in these environments, robotic devices must be suited to the task specificity of the demands. Many robotic exoskeletons that have been described or studied in the scientific literature have been evaluated based on their ability to reduce the metabolic cost of walking and/or running, because

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Daniel M. Grindle, Lauren Baker, Mike Furr, Tim Puterio, Brian Knarr and Jill Higginson

Walking workstations and standing workstations have become increasingly popular in the workplace over the past several years, and their implementation has led to reduced pain and improved mood of many workers. 6 Several studies have performed qualitative analyses, showing that walking while working

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Katie A. Conway, Randall G. Bissette and Jason R. Franz

Peak ankle moment and power generation during the push-off phase of human walking contribute to leg swing initiation and forward acceleration of the body’s center of mass, thereby playing a pivotal role in regulating step lengths and walking speeds. 1 Unfortunately, aging and many gait pathologies

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Anthony G. Delli Paoli, Alan L. Smith and Matthew B. Pontifex

activity a potentially attractive proactive strategy ( Chang, Labban, Gapin, & Etnier 2012 ; Reed & Ones, 2006 ). The present study specifically investigated the utility of walking, a widely accessible form of physical activity, to mitigate both affective and cognitive responses to social exclusion

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Fabian Mager, Jim Richards, Malika Hennies, Eugen Dötzel, Ambreen Chohan, Alex Mbuli and Felix Capanni

consider the foot as a single segment, and therefore not isolating the individual contributions of the calcaneal, metatarsal, and phalangeal segments but allowing a detailed analysis of the proximal joints to the foot. Current literature recommends using a multisegment foot model for walking and running

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Jaimie A. Roper, Ryan T. Roemmich, Mark D. Tillman, Matthew J. Terza and Chris J. Hass

The mechanics of human gait require control of movement in all 3 anatomical planes in order to safely and efficiently navigate our environment. Movements in the sagittal plane are often the primary focus of locomotor research because walking most commonly occurs with a forward orientation and many

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Ka Man Leung and Pak-Kwong Chung

flexibility, agility and dynamic balance, and aerobic endurance. Promoting physical activity among older adults is critical. Of the different types of physical activity, walking is recommended for older adults as a means of increasing their activity levels ( U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2015

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Daniel Hamacher, Dennis Hamacher, Roy Müller, Lutz Schega and Astrid Zech

the variability of MTC. Dual-task costs during walking (e.g., deterioration of gait variability in a dual-task situation compared with normal walking) are often used to determine gait automaticity ( Clark, 2015 ). Although the variability of stride length or stride time increases during dual