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Katelyn M. Nelson, Elizabeth H.K. Daidone, Katherine M. Breedlove, Debbie A. Bradney and Thomas G. Bowman

variations in participation. We collected data during 1,866 total athlete exposures, encompassing 28 games and 52 practices (1,181 total exposures) for women and 21 games and 44 practices (685 total exposures) for men during the 2014 fall NCAA soccer season. Instrumentation To collect data, we used an xPatch

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Abigail M. Tyson, Stefan M. Duma and Steven Rowson

were assessed under this protocol (Figure  2 and Table  2 ). The xPatch was developed by X2 Biosystems (Seattle, WA) and is typically adhered to the skin with an adhesive patch behind the ear over the mastoid process. Equivalent placement was found on the headform behind the left ear for laboratory

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Lydia R. Vollavanh, Kathleen M. O’Day, Elizabeth M. Koehling, James M. May, Katherine M. Breedlove, Evan L. Breedlove, Eric A. Nauman, Debbie A. Bradney, J. Eric Goff and Thomas G. Bowman

-collecting device. Participants wore Cascade CPXR Helmets (Cascade Lacrosse, Liverpool, NY) during all exposures to head impacts. All participants wore xPatch sensors (purchased in 2014 from X2 Biosystems, Seattle, WA) capable of continuously measuring 3 axes of linear acceleration ( g ) and 3 axes of rotational

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Ashley E. Evans, Madeline Curtis, Marguerite (Meg) Montjoy and Erica Beidler

into offense and defense groups based upon their player position and then randomized into the helmetless tackling behavioral intervention n  = 25) or control ( n  = 25) groups. All subjects received a new Riddell Revolution Speed helmet and were fitted with an xPatch accelerometer that was attached