Results From the Mozambique 2016 Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Adolescents

in Journal of Physical Activity and Health


This article describes the procedures and development of the 2016 Mozambican Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Adolescents.


Following the procedures adopted in 2014 for that year’s report card, comprehensive searches on new data related to indicators of physical activity (PA) were done. A committee composed of physical activity and sports specialists graded each indicator consistent with the process and methodology outlined by the Active Healthy Kids Canada Report Card model.


Nine indicators of PA were graded. Compared with 2014 there were several differences which were caused by changes in the country as well as a more effective evaluation from the committee. The following grades were assigned: Overall Physical Activity Levels, C; Organized Sport Participation, F; Active Play, D; Active Transportation, C; Schools, D; Community and the Built Environment, F; and Government, F. Sedentary Behaviors and Family and Peers were graded Incomplete due to the lack of available information.


The decline of the PA habits in urban centers reported in 2014 are accentuated and is influencing the rural areas in several ways. At present, there is no strategy or effective action from authorities to reverse this negative trend.

Prista, Daca, Tchonga, Machava, Macucule, and Ribeiro are with the Research Center on Sports Development and Physical Activity, Universidade Pedagógica (Pedagogic University), Maputo, Mozambique. Prista, Daca, and Ribeiro are also with the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science, Universidade Pedagógica, Maputo, Mozambique . Tchonga is also with the School of Sports Sciences, Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo, Mozambique. Prista ( is corresponding author.